Human-Powered Matching: Best for Students and Tutors

Tutoring is a very personal relationship. Sometimes, it can even evolve into a student-mentor relationship that lasts well beyond a child’s middle school or high school years. But it needs to start with the right match. At Ashley Tutors, that matching process between teacher and…

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4 Benefits of Tutoring One-on-One

The benefits of tutoring are plain for any family that seeks out additional academic help for a child.. Improved grades, confidence and challenges beyond the classroom are just a few of the benefits. Experts report that one-on-one tutoring can have incredible effects. Tutoring is a…

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4 Great Reading Comprehension Strategies

Teaching children how to read takes effort by all the people in their lives. Parents, relatives, teachers and other students all play integral roles in literacy building for young kids. Parents with excellent reading comprehension strategies have a headstart when they start teaching their little…

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3 Ways To Get Math Concepts To Stick

Math can be one of the most frustrating subjects for kids to grasp. Some seem to have an innate ability just “get” fractions or more advanced math concepts. But one of the most important lessons to teach your child is that talent is just one…

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Why Reading Out Loud to Kids Is Essential

It is a tradition in many toddler-focused households: Reading out loud from treasured children’s books at bedtime. The goal, for some, is to get their perpetually-in-motion child to settle down just bit so both parent and kid can get the necessary amount of sleep to…

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Ashley Tutors' Testimonials

Thank you so much! Your tutoring has made a world of difference for my daughter. She is doing well in both science and math mainly due to the confidence that she has gained working with Jackie."
Tracey Dorfmann
Rockville, MD
I want to give you an update and let you know my son earned an A on his test which now brings his current grade up to a B! Thanks to tutors like Joe, my son is back on track. Ashley Tutors works!"
Lil Jenkins-Lee
Silver Spring, MD
Our experience with Ashley Tutors has been wonderful. The business is well run and managed, and our tutor was dedicated, knowledgeable and caring."
The Quinn Family
St. Jane de Chantal School
I wanted to take a moment to say thanks for sending Joe our way. He did such an outstanding job with our son and his grades in Algebra 2 speak for themselves."
Lil & Leonard Lee
Silver Spring, MD
Having one-on-one time with an experienced tutor has helped my son stay on track and has given him the confidence he needed to be successful!"
Gaithersburg, MD
Our daughter raised her quiz and test scores to A's and B's and tutor, Suzie, increased our daughter's overall confidence in Pre-calculus."
Ted and Annie Seale, Walter Johnson High School
Bethesda, MD
It's wonderful to see my daughter's progression from disliking and being frustrated with math to feeling confident and proud of her math abilities. She has a much more positive attitude about math now."

Parent of a 7th grade student, Westland Middle School
Bethesda, MD
Ashley Tutors has been so responsive to the needs of our family. They were able to provide a highly skilled math tutor for my high schooler on fairly short notice.”
Kirstin Austin, Einstein High School
Silver Spring, MD


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