Matching Process

We use our experience in tutoring more than a thousand families to understand which tutors will work best with your child.  Getting started is easy:

  1. Complete the Child-to-Tutor Matching form below to help us get to know your child’s academic experience.
  2. We match those attributes to multiple tutors on our staff of over 50 individuals to find the best fit.   A person, not a computer, always makes the final decision and all decisions are approved by CEO Joshua Chernikoff.

    Within 24 hours you’ll have a resume of a qualified, background checked tutor whose tutoring skills best match your child’s needs.

  3. The tutor’s qualifications are then sent to the parents, who can review the tutor’s resume, speak with existing clients who have worked with that tutor, and get a chance to meet the tutor.

We select the best tutor to build on your child’s strengths, increase self esteem, and set a plan to help your child with the subjects you wish to focus on.  Regardless of your child’s area of need, we are confident that the best possible tutor to help them is on our team.

Child to Tutor Matching


Ashley Tutors is always looking for talented and passionate tutors. If you want to manage your own business and have the drive and academics to succeed, please click the button above to apply now. Our tutors are our team and we meet every member of our team.

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